Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make the Helderberg Escarpment into a premiere rock and ice climbing destination in the Northeast, and to have all the cliff lands protected for generations to come, serving all user groups, and nourishing the physical and mental health of our local community.

volunteerssun500About the TCC:

The Thacher Climbing Coalition promotes the enjoyment and protection of our natural cliff lands on the Helderberg Escarpment by way of rock and ice climbing. The organization is supported by climbers and others who believe that these natural highland areas have intrinsic worth, provide spiritual renewal, healthy exciting physical challenge, economic and ecological health for our region. Successful conservation depends on active engagement with the outdoors and we encourage climbers to join the ranks of other outdoor users in the region in support of land protection.  We believe that climbing is a healthy, low-impact activity that deserves a place in parks and we strive to open and maintain access for climbers on the Escarpment.

We are a 100% volunteer labor organization. All labor performed by the TCC and it’s volunteers is not compensated and is done for the good of the community. Funds raised go to things like safety equipment, signage and raw and digital materials used by the organization to help the public.

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The TCC was formed in 2012 as a grassroots organization and in 2013 The Thacher Climbing Coalition (TCC) became an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The TCC is also a registered affiliate of the Access Fund. Learn more about the organization here.


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