Free photo contest, show your work and/or vote on others!

We look forward to having your art help spread the beauty and capture the essence of sport climbing.


  • Win by popular vote on Instagram with likes
  • Win the most artistic category by submission on our Facebook Group Page which will be reviewed by a panel of local art teachers and media professionals.

PRIZES: Win gift certificates for beer and dinner at Indian Ladder Farms, right down the road from Thacher. Also for your apres Adirondack climbs Dizzy Chicken is offering $25 gift certificates, usable at either Glens Falls or Saratoga locations.

For popular vote

post your original photo on Instagram with the hashtag #climbThacher. On November 2nd the photo with the most likes will win given the author goes by the rules below. Any photos you’ve posted publicly on Instagram are considered, but we will contact the potential winner to see if they agree to include their photo with the contest prior to selecting a winner.

Since Instagram only allows you to upload pics from your phone, if you want to do post production just send your original photo to your computer, do your work, than email yourself the finished photo. On your phone look at your email and download the photo. You now can go into your gallery and upload your photo to Instagram.

For artistic vote

and non-Instagram users, simply post your photo in the TCC Facebook Group and your submissions will be judged by volunteer art educators and media professionals, you’ll need to join the group first. Ask to join, and members can approve, this can take a day or two.

Go to the TCC Facebook Group >


Go to Instagram and search for #climbThacher. Most of these photos will be fall photos. Click the heart for “Like” on all pics you think are cool. Those who didn’t use the tag will be at a disadvantage, so be sure to add the tag to your existing photos.

climber at Thacher Park
An example photo by TCC board member Brad Wenskoski of Andrew McMillan (Brad Wenskoski Photography). Let’s see your cool photos this month!

Rules and Conditions:

  • There is no limit on the number of photos you choose to submit. Feel free to put lots of cool pics of climbing at Thacher on the web.

    Cool shot of Permian Extinction but it needs a climber in it to count for the contest. If you can see her/his face, you’ll need their contact info so we can get permission to publish.
  • The photos you submit must have a climber in them, this is not a landscape photo contest.
  • If the climber in the photo is close enough to recognize their face you will need permission for their appearance in this contest. Please provide contact information of the climber in the photo so we can confirm they agree to be shown. We will only contact them if the photo is chosen as a finalist.
  • You must be able to provide the high res version of your photo if you are a finalist, so please backup your best photos to your computer if you want to ensure that your photo is not lost if your phone is lost or damaged in the future.
  • Do not break any park laws including rappelling from the top in order to get the photo.
  • If using a drone please get a permit from the park office first before flying it.
  • Unsafe climbing practices that are obvious in the photo may be grounds for disqualifying the photo.
  • Don’t email us your photos as a submission, this contest is via social media only. Only winners must email us the high res versions of their photos when prompted.
  • Post production is encouraged to maximize the beauty of your shots, however use of photo programs to alter or add objects in the shot is a disqualifier. Use of contrast, hue, saturation are all ok.
  • If we cannot contact you in the first half of November (if you don’t reply) we will choose a another finalist.
  • Climbing season ends November 1st, all photos must be taken before then. You have one additional day to do post processing on the photo, the contest ends November 2nd. Winners will be announced in mid-November via Facebook and the TCC website.
  • Finalists may be featured in an article on the TCC website. We will credit all authors by their Instagram account or name.
  • Volunteer judges cannot submit any photos themselves. Their Instagram photos will be automatically not considered in the running.
  • The winner grants the TCC a non-exclusive license to publish their photo with credit on digital and print mediums. You can choose to have the credit by your name, or your company’s name if it owns your work, or both.

Enjoy the last month of climbing season and the fall colors at Thacher!!

Thanks to Brad Wenskoki Photography and Xhedral Media for donation of technical support during this contest.

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