This is IT! We expect a spring 2017 opening and the better shape the trails are in the faster we can open for climbing.

We are planning 3 sessions over 3 consecutive weekends:

April 22nd — This session we will finish the very last 200 yards of the main trail and improve the spur trails as much as possible. 

April 29th — We’ll focus on the spur trails. Click here to RSVP for the 4/29 event:

May 6th — I Love My Park day. We’ll build the kiosk at the entrance to Helmus Crevice along with a “squeeze box” that shows how narrow the crevice can be. We will also help the park erect signage. Use this link to RSVP for the 3/6 event:

Please bring a pick axe (if you have one), helmet, work gloves, eye protection, bag lunch & 2 liters of water. Wear heavy boots. Bug spray and sunscreen are also recommended.

To work below the cliff you will need to sign the Park’s volunteer form, the TCC waiver and be a TCC member. We’ll provide the necessary forms at check-in that morning.

On belay!!!!

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